Saturday, January 17, 2009


Weekends are hard. There just isn't any other way to put it. I actually think that it's partially because of the lack of structure. Think about it - during the week you are required to be at work at a specific time. You have lunch at a specific time. You go home at a specific time. That's not how the weekends work. At least, not for me. Generally, on weekends, I eat when I want. I wait until I'm too hungry to think before I eat and then I eat WAYYY too much.

I think many people see the weekend as the time that they CAN cheat on their diet. I was on earlier and joyinloss / joy wrote "If you bite it, write it!". What a GREAT saying. And maybe that's the key? Keeping yourself accountable...

I've also been very lax as far as my exercise is concerned. The Wii Fit disk has been messed up. I finally got a new one and Little Jillian and I are back to competing. We're having alot of fun on it. But, does the Wii count as cardio? Do you burn fewer calories than traditional exercise? I don't guess it matters since it's more fun and I'm more likely to stay with it.

I know that this all boils down to accountability. I have to admit that it takes time to admit my sins. And I sin ALOT.

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