Sunday, January 18, 2009

BMR + Change in Goals

Since I'm losing weight so slowly, I decided to look around and make sure that I was doing the right thing. Obviously, since I'm losing so slowly, I need to cut calories. I went to - he has a BMR calculator on his website. A BMR is a basal metabolic rate - it's the base number of calories that your body uses in a day. To lose a pound, you have to eat 500 calories less than your body uses everyday. To lose 2 pounds, you have to eat 1000 calories less than your body uses every day.

According to Dr Simpson's website, my BMR is a little over 2000. This means that I have to eat less than 1500 calories a day to lose a pound or 1000 calories to lose 2 pounds. I've been eating about 1800. I've decided to modify my sparkpeople goals so that it reflects the 1500 calories a day that I need to consume. I'll TRY to use exercise to hit the other calories so that I CAN lose 2 pounds a week.

Little Jillian and I are still competing on the Wii Fit. I'm in 1st place on some things and she's in 1st place in others. I absolutely LOVE the hula hoop. I can really tell that I've been working on it. My hips are so sore. She wants me to use the stationary bike today but I've told her that I'm taking it to my work. So, she's decided that I'll work even harder on the Wii.

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